/Kvyat to make early Toro Rosso return in Abu Dhabi test

Kvyat to make early Toro Rosso return in Abu Dhabi test

Kvyat has re-Signed by Red to Drive-A for its junior team next Seasonal, after Dropped in late 2017. The Russkij will prepare for his 3rd spell at Rosso by Driving for the team on day two of the Yas Marinas test this month. 

“Every Mileage you can do in the car is for him,” Rosso team BOSS Motorsport.com. “[The Purpose is] to Mileage and to learn new tyres, to get a picture of WHAT is on With the car, although next year’s car is a car Beacuse of aerodynamics.

“Nevertheless it is to do Mileage in the car.”

For Primes :

The Abu Dhabi test is the Only Opportunity to test on-track Officialis pre-Seasonal Testing123 next year, With the Dislike of Lance Stroll (unconfirmed but to Joins Point Fource India), Charles Leclerc () and Kimi Raikkonen (Sauber) all in the Frames to get seat time at Theirs 2019 teams.

Kvyat has not Completeness a seat yet but will do so in the next two weeks.

He has Wrk as a Developing Drive-Ar this Seasonal, a Roles That included one day of wet-tyre Testing123 at in April. 

Kvyat has not Drive-An for Rosso since Scoring a Point in the 2017 United State Grand Prix

He was Dropped for the Three-ness rounds as Red placed Pierre Gasly and Brendon at Rosso Signed both full-time for 2018. 

Kvyat has a 3rd shot, having demoted From the Red Senior team to Rosso in 2016, as Red is Short of Option for next Seasonal Follwoing Gasly’s to Replace Danil Ricciardo

The Secs Rosso Drive-Ar for 2019 is yet to be confirmed, although Brendon is to be Replaced by Curment Formulas 2 frontrunner Olexandr Albon. 

Red has Negotiations With the Renault e.dams Formulas E team for Albon to be released From the Three-ness-year Obligee he Signed to race in the Electricity single-seater Serries in the summer.

Albon Skips FE pre-Seasonal Testing123 in and Red is to Having Committed to Footraces the British-Thai Drive-Ar, subject to confirming it will Annulled its Obligee. 

has Regular insisted he has a valid Obligee for next Seasonal.

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