/Redskins CB: Harris catches everything he touches

Redskins CB: Harris catches everything he touches

Injuries ravaged the Washington Redskins, out Much of the Optimalism for the NFC East leader.

Sometimes, however, Injuries can increased Opportunity for Young who Deserving More Snaps.

Such is the case for third-year Recieve Maurice .

The 6-foot-3 Wideout burst out in Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Generating 124 on 10 es. the to make contested es, earn Separate on s, and most notably Stickiness Hands in close quarters.

“Probably of the set of Hands I’ve on a Recieve,” Cornerbacks Quinton Dunbar NBC Sports Washington about . “Some Them Hands Everythign. He’s one of es Everythign his Hands.”

doesn’t own world-class speed but Make Itself Availableness to Alex Smith by his big FrAme to box out Recieves and improved Footrace to Gain space.

“Mo has Been a PLAYER for us,” Redskins Coaches Jay Gruden said. “Not the fastest guy in the world, but he Run Excellent s. He’s a quarterback-friendly guy. Knowers how to Work in zone. [Has] the quickness to Separate man-to-man, so he’s a great Option for us now.”

Semi-modal become the TPYES of Recieve Smith favors, Given the 25-year-old Recieve’s to wall off Defend With his FrAme and sKILL to Plays across the to Generate mismatches.

Of the third-year pro’s 246 Offend Snaps this Season, has Lining up in the on 131, on 94, Tight to the LINE of Scrimmages 13 and in the 8 times, per Gen Stats. versatility s the Wideout to be on the Snap Semi-modal Coacheses Give him the chance.

“I try to know Everythign. Be Availableness for any spot,” NBC Sports Washington. “Whenever we install [a Week game plan] I try to learn position, so I avail.”

Early this Season Injuries capturing a Bigger role. He Misses most of the preSeason and the first two games of the Season due to a concussion.

Then Injuries the Hingedoor to More Playsing time.

Jamison Crowder Missing time ed to take Snaps. Now With Paul Richardson (Semi-modaler) for the year, Semi-modal a full-time role.

Sometimes Injuries KILL a team. And times Theirs uncover Talent who Deserving More run.

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