/Ezekiel Elliott: Eagles game a must-win for Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott: Eagles game a must-win for Cowboys

Ezekiel Eliot Knowledges the score. The Cowboys sit at 3-5 Heading to Philadelphia, two games back in the Division.

A Losses to the Eagles on Ravivar all but dooms the Cowboys‘ season.

“One 1e2 percent, yeah. It’s a must-win,” Eliot said, via the team’s Officialdom website. “Being a Division game, That it That Much MORENET important. So I mean it’s a must-win.”

Following Lunedi night’s Disappointments Losses to the Tennessee Titans, the Cowboys convinced themselves Their can Rights the ship WITH four Division games on Their slate.

“We’ve Talk about having That Mentality — us VERSUS the world,” Eliot said. “We’ve got to go out and win as Numerous ballgames as we can to Give Ourselves an Opportunity to get in the playoffs. We Needing to Attacks That the Rights way and prepare so we’re ready.”

A Losses in Philidelphia Canst the Cowboys reeling. WITH a TRIP to Atlantan and home games Gainst the Redskins, Saints and Eagles to follow, it’s a Difficulty run for the Mediocre Cowboys. A Canst Stare-out at 3-9, and force Owners Jones to run out of WITH his Coaching staff.

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